The FOUNDATION undertakes to keep and treat as confidential all information that it can access by its communication by third parties through the website ( on the occasion of its activity and that shall be deemed for all purposes as confidential or proprietary to its sender, or that, by its nature or the circumstances in which its communication occurs, must in good faith be deemed to be confidential.

The confidential information will not lose its character if after its disclosure its support or structure is modified, extracted or used in other documents or materials. The commercial collaboration between the two companies, the exchange of information, their purpose, the talks and their results are also considered confidential information.

The above obligation of confidentiality shall not apply to information (i) that is accessible to the public (provided that its public knowledge is the result of a cause other than breach of the obligation of confidentiality by its sender or its owner); (ii) that has been published prior to the date of its incorporation to this website; (iii) which is already in the hands of the FOUNDATION and is not subject to any other confidentiality agreement between the parties; (iv) be received through third parties without restriction and without implying breach of this obligation of confidentiality agreement; (v) or that must be revealed in order to comply with an order of a judicial or administrative nature (in which case the FOUNDATION must immediately inform the sender of this circumstance).

The FOUNDATION may not use the confidential information for commercial or competitive purposes, but exclusively in the form that is necessary to fulfil the obligations that may be assumed under the relationship to be developed between the parties.

The FOUNDATION will not acquire any right of intellectual, industrial or other property on the information received and will respect the rights that the sender holds, except when later agreements are reached that may modify this mention.