The Kærtor Foundation offers employment opportunities within the I2D2 program “to create an incubator for drug discovery projects”.

The project-management-related tasks will include the following:

  • Evaluation of the methodology used in the program: quality protocols, reports, etc.
  • Coordination of dissemination of information about the program and of the results obtained.
  • Organization, participation and monitoring of sessions and teleconferences involving personnel, businesses and any institutions associated with the I2D2 program. Integration of information and decision-making.
  • Contact and logistics management with participants of the different meetings and events organized within the scope of the 12D2 initiative.
  • Elaboration of market studies of the projects developed.
  • Networking

Several places are available within each of the profiles indicated.

Applicants interested in any of these positions should send their CV, along with a presentation letter, by email to before 15 September 2017.