The Kærtor Foundation is organising a workshop aimed at establishing new open innovation indicators which will allow the transfer of research results to be measured objectively
It is aimed at almost twenty professional researchers from within the innovation ecosystem

The Kærtor Foundation, led by professors Mabel Loza and Ángel Carracedo from the USC, has laid out the basis for setting new objective indicators to measure the applicability of research from the biotechnology sector. The foundation invited a group of 18 agents from the innovation ecosystem to participate in a two-day practical workshop to propose new measurement criteria in accordance with entrepreneurship and open innovation in the field of biotechnology. The specialists suggest that the new measuring devices should complement the classic tools already in use in R&D which are based on publications, projects and patents, and should also offer integral evaluation tools for applicability, transfer and value generation for the research being developed in the current open innovation context.

Promotion of the Galician innovation ecosystem

This new action is defined in the Kærtor Foundation’s programme for promoting the biotechnology ecosystem in Galicia. This programme began last summer with the I2D2 initiative for the development of new drugs, thanks to public-private collaboration between the Xunta de Galicia, Janssen Pharmaceutica and the Foundation itself. The Galician incubator is one of the practical examples of transferability of the Galician Biotechnology Promotion Strategy, which foresees the mobilization of 200 million euros up until 2020, of which 125 million come from public funds.