Kærtor Foundation call for Expressions of interest

The Kærtor Foundation is launching a call for expressions of interest focused on adding value to biomedical research from the I2D2 (Incubation Innovation in Drug Discovery) program. The foundation wants to support the discovery of drugs for diseases without therapeutic solutions, supporting the best biomedical science on the mechanisms of the disease. This will be applied to drug discovery programs de-risking them by leaping over the gap towards its industrial application.

If you are a researcher specialized in disease mechanisms and would like to apply your research to drug discovery, we would like to collaborate with you. We already know how to accelerate early drug discovery using the Kærtor methodology, which creates a parallel path to your research without interference. Potential publication of the research lines will not be affected by this parallel drug discovery process and may even be promoted by the synergies created with the new tools applied. The only confidentiality in the process is that associated with candidate drug molecules.

We create a steering committee which you will join, allowing your research, although parallel, to be permeable, with constant communication in real time.

The call is sponsored by the Janssen pharmaceutical company, who will participate in the selection and monitoring of those programs within the areas of interest without acquiring any IP rights. After the incubation and maturation stages, Janssen will have a right of first negotiation on the programs.

The Expressions of Interest will be submitted through the Kærtor Foundation website, by completing the Expression of Interest form.

The submitted expressions of interest will be reviewed by the Kærtor Foundation experts and evaluation committees to build a pipeline of selected programs to be prioritized for their development on the basis of the level of innovation and the stage of development of the program in the drug discovery process.

The I2D2 initiative is sponsored by:

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