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Kaertor Workshop
The Region Galicia has the first drug discovery incubator in Spain
26 November, 2018

During the past week the Kærtor Foundation organized its first workshop in Santiago de Compostela entitled “Advancing Transformational Drug Discovery” and leaded by its Scientific Directors, Mabel Loza and Angel Carracedo.

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marta piñeiro
In Galicia Science it is done following the very latest trends and being internationally connected
25 November, 2018

Marta Piñeiro has participated in the international workshop organized by Kaertor on November 20th and 21th in Santiago, entitled “Advancing Transformational Drug Discovery”.

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Klaus Peter Janssen
Professor Klaus Peter Janssen visits Kaertor Foundation
16 October, 2018

On the 16th of October, we received the visit of Professor Klaus-Peter Janssen from Technical University Munich (TUM) in Santiago de Compostela.

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Digital Innovation Hubs day: driving together the process of creating Hubs in Galicia
5 October, 2018

On the 5th of October Kærtor Foundation was present in the event “Digital Innovation Hubs: The HUBS selection process in Galicia” organized by GAIN, Axencia Galega de Innovación (Xunta de Galicia).

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BioSpain 2018
Kaertor Foundation is present at BIOSPAIN 2018 in Sevilla, the main event of the biotechnology sector in Spain, in Stand 122
3 October, 2018

Twelve Galician companies come to BIOSPAIN with the support of BIOGA. The Kærtor Foundation participated in the field of drug discovery.

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Diario Medico report of a summer course about Personalized Medicine and innovation funding in healthcare
3 October, 2018

Ángel Carracedo explained the bet of Galicia for the Public Procurement of Innovation, to which 90 million € has been addressed since 2012.

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Recent interview to Mabel Loza, Scientific Director, in La Voz De Galicia S.A. about Kærtor and I2D2 selected projects
20 August, 2018

La Voz de Galicia has interviewed Mabel Loza to learn about the work being done by the Kaertor Foundation and Janssen Pharmaceutical.

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Smart financing and public-private collaboration mark the future of biomedicine.
19 June, 2018

Kærtor Foundation and I2D2 representatives were present past week in the FARMAINDUSTRIA meeting to discuss the future of biomedicine.

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Mabel Loza y Ángel Carracedo
Article in El Correo Gallego: “Angel Carracedo and Mabel Loza, included in the 2018 ranking of the “125 most influential personalities in Galicia”
18 June, 2018

The Scientific Directors of the Kaertor Foundation, included in the 2018 ranking of the “125 most influential personalities in Galicia”. Angel Carracedo is ranked 8th as the first scientist on the list, while Mabel Loza is ranked 33rd as the first scientific woman in this ranking.

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Kaertor Foundation
How to measure applied research
15 June, 2018

The Kærtor Foundation is organising a workshop aimed at establishing new open innovation indicators which will allow the transfer of research results to be measured objectively.

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