Objectives and fields of action

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Open Innovation

  • Incorporating models that enable co-development of programs and technologies with industrial partners in the area of pharmacogenomics research.

Collaborative research

  • Integrating scientific teams from the global field in the search for new drugs and therapeutic targets for unmet medical needs applied to any disease, including rare diseases.
  • Accelerating the application of new mechanisms based on translation and change in the drug discovery process.
  • Seeking complementarity by opening up to collaborations in the global environment.


  • The easiest way to solve a maze is to start at the exit. This is what we are doing, finding the shortest route through the labyrinth of drug discovery by entering through the clinical door.

Training and Entrepreneurship

  • Promoting the training of researchers and entrepreneurship professionals for the drug discovery ecosystem.
  • Encouraging the creation of companies that close the gap between basic research in drug discovery and its industrial application.
  • Collaborating with other entities in promoting the results of the research developed in the Foundation.