Last week the Kærtor Foundation participated in the “REDEFAR Community Meeting” that took place at the Biological Research Center, (CIB-CSIC), in Madrid. REDEFAR is the Spanish Network of Excellence in Drug Discovery. The network is coordinated by the BioFarma Research Group / Innopharma Platform at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela ( Mabel Loza ), also with the participation of the Fundación MEDINA ( Olga Genilloud ), the Príncipe Felipe Research Center – CIPF ( María J. Vicent ), IMIM ( Ferran Sanz ), Universitat Pompeu Fabra – UPF ( Jordi Quintana ), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – UAB ( LeonardoPardo ), CIB-CSIC ( Ana MartÍnez ), Universidad Complutense de Madrid ( Mariluz López ), Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases – CiMUS and IDIS IIS de Santiago de Compostela ( Carlos Diéguez ) and the Andalusian Public Foundation for Health and Biomedicine Research FIMABISIBIMA ( Juan Suárez ). Among the attendees, also Maite de los Frailes Alvaro (Kærtor Foundation) and Eva Mendez Camarena (Eva Mendez Drug Discovery).

Thank you very much to the organization (REDEFAR, USC and Carmen Gil from the CIB-CSIC), we are hoping to work together to strengthen the spanish drug discovery sector.