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Stage 1. Call for Expressions of interest (EOI)

Anyone interested in participating in this call can contact the Kærtor Foundation by filling out the Expression of Interest form which appears on the website. Although the call will remain open, the first evaluation of Expressions of Interest will be made with those submissions received until September 30th, 2017.

The information required in this phase is of a general nature and refers to a first non-confidential approach. After the selection will arrive the necessary agreements.

All information about the subject, origin and authorship of the EOI will be treated by Kærtor Foundation based on the confidentiality clauses available at the following link.

Stage 2. Selection of research programs

The Kærtor Foundation will govern the program by applying its own methodology for the preliminary analysis and prioritized classification of the Expressions of Interest received, based on the level of innovation and the stage of development of the program in the drug discovery process.

A pipeline of prioritized Expressions of Interest will be created on the basis of the evaluations of three committees:

  • Scientific, led by the Kærtor
  • Intellectual property, led by Kærtor
  • Industrial, led by Janssen, which will bring its experience in the field of drug discovery to select the expressions of interest with the greatest potential to provide new medicines for patients. This committee includes both Janssen and two other Johnson & Johnson group organizations: Discovery Sciences and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

The Program Steering Committee will subsequently select the Expressions of interest for incubation.

Kærtor may also select other programs that do not form part of those chosen by the Program Steering Committee for their independent incubation.

Stage 3. Acceleration and incubation of programs

The Kærtor Foundation will govern the program by applying its own methodology.

Researchers who have submitted programs that are selected will be asked for more extensive information about the programs, which will then be evaluated in further detail. If the program is selected for prioritization, the corresponding agreements will be signed.

Incubation of the programs will begin according to the order of prioritization.

A steering committee will be set up, including the applicant biomedical research team, the Kærtor Foundation translational research team and the Janssen research team.

The Kærtor methodology will be applied. This involves evaluation and monitoring of the programs, including feasibility analysis and then progression to the advanced stages once the incubation is completed.

During this phase, Janssen, along with the other two organizations in the Johnson & Johnson group -Discovery Sciences and Johnson & Johnson Innovation- will participate in the Program Steering Committee, bringing their experience to the development of selected programs.

The start date for program incubation is in the first quarter of 2018.

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