Expression of Interest Form

Step I. Download and fill in the PDF file “Expression of Interest Form”

Download the Expression of Interest Form and save it* to your computer before you start filling it out.

* Note: Some browsers do not allow you to fill in the Form if it has not been stored on the computer. The Expression of Interest Form is a PDF file and can be completed with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free and available at www.adobe.com.

Step II. Upload and send the PDF Form via the online application form

Once the PDF Form has been downloaded and filled in, you must complete the attached online form and add the PDF file using the “Select File” button.

To complete the shipment, press the “SEND” button.

Step III. Confirmation of receipt

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your online application form with the completed Form.

Submission of Expression of Interest Form

Fill the form and remember to attach the PDF FILE “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM” before to send it

Transfer office*:

Choose a project type*:

Then select the areas covered by your project. If you have questions about the definition of the areas or terms and categories that the form includes, please see our Priority Areas

Choose a primary area of interest*:

Choose a secondary area of interest*:

If your project covers a transversal area, select it:

Attach your Expression of interest application form* (Max. 2MB)

*=fields required

By submitting the form, I agree to the confidentiality policies.

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