Programs of interest

Programs of Interest

The Kærtor Foundation can help you achieve your goal if your research has potential therapeutic applications or the potential to generate new treatments and/or diagnostic tools.

We are looking for disruptive and transformational programs in several areas of research.

What kind of programs are Kærtor looking for?

The Kærtor Foundation seeks programs for the discovery and/or development of new therapeutic agents in collaboration.

Candidate programs are those that could benefit from the application of the Kærtor methodology for incubation and recovery.

In what areas of research should programs be developed?

Programs should involve areas of early drug discovery in which Kærtor is able to assist in advancement towards the patient in the drug discovery process. Examples of the type of research that might be eligible including the following:

  • Identification and validation of targets and biomarkers.
  • Screening of chemical libraries for application in new therapeutic mechanisms.
  • Development, automation and miniaturization of translational assays applicable to HTS.
  • Design of screening cascades from candidate to preclinical stages.
  • Proof of Principle in patients, by drug repurposing to reduce the risk inherent to new therapeutic mechanisms.

The Expressions of Interest form includes a list (not exclusive – see Priority areas) of therapeutic areas in which we are looking for programs.

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